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You may already know that you’re a creative spirit, with an appetite for life’s many passions. But when was the last time you branched out in the ways that you celebrate these gifts? Gilat Ben-Dor’s THE CONFETTI PATH reveals 101 diverse ways to savor the beauty around you and ignite the spark of inspiration in everyday situations.

Open any page of THE CONFETTI PATH to experience a tip or insight that you can apply right now–today! Through THE CONFETTI PATH, you will discover how to:

 Unleash your creativity, even in mundane situations

Use the arts and culture scene around you to become inspired

  Connect with people to promote your passions

  Inject your passions into various business activities

  Let the natural environment play a role in your creative flow

And much more!   

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ISBN: 978-09832674-0-9

Publisher: Gilat Ben-Dor Media, LLC (Contact for Bulk & Special Sales)

Series Imprint: A GUSTO POWER™ Book

First published: 2011

Pages: 148 (soft cover)

Retail: $14.95 U.S.