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May 5, 2011 article about Gilat Ben-Dor: “Multiple Passions Possible for Happiness, Author Says”






Pantone Color Trend Authority Declares “Honeysuckle” as Color of 2011

THE CONFETTI PATH Book Cover is Prime Example

Author and book cover designer Gilat Ben-Dor did just that…with her new book, THE CONFETTI PATH: 101 Ways to Celebrate Your Passions and Inspire Creativity. “They must have read my mind,” says Ben-Dor. “The [book] cover has a reddish richness to the pink. It’s not your average ‘girly pink’ chosen for women’s marketing. It’s fresher and more complex.”

View’s article about Pantone’s Honeysuckle color trend here.

Below: Gilat Ben-Dor’s honeysuckle-hued cover of THE CONFETTI PATH (Gilat Ben-Dor Media, 2011).